2000 Nov
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Management True Stories of Fraud
2000 Nov True Stories of Fraud

You are about to read tales of greed and corruption, costly incompetence and outright thievery. There is even a little sex and gambling thrown into the mix. Stories from television soap operas? No, these are the days of our lives in the New…

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Management Keep an Eye Out
2000 Nov Keep an Eye Out

It’s happened twice recently. In the summer of 1994, 72 New York property managers were convicted of taking kickbacks from contractors and extorting payoffs. This resulted in a $4 million restitution fund. Then, just last summer, 21 corpora…

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Design 'Tis the Season
2000 Nov 'Tis the Season

You don’t need a calendar to know that the holiday season is almost upon us–just look around: from elaborate window displays in department stores to the subtle decorations like wreaths and lights, it’s hard to ignore the various decorations…

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Real Estate Trends Hot Enough For You?
2000 Nov Hot Enough For You?

The following is the text of a speech Adrienne Albert, president of Manhattan real estate brokerage firm The Marketing Directors, gave at the monthly luncheon meeting of Associated Builders and Owners this past September. I was aske…

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Real Estate Trends Is it Really a Trend?
2000 Nov Is it Really a Trend?

From the outside, it’s impossible to tell a co-op from a condo–there’s no physical difference between the two. However, as more and more are considering the concept of co-op to condo conversion, real questions about its possible benefits an…

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Board Operations In the Know
2000 Nov In the Know

Call a real estate consultant a "know-it-all" and he or she will probably just smile wisely. For a consultant, that term is far from insulting. It’s simply a statement of fact. These "Jacks-and-Janes-of all trades" serve a diverse clie…

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Organizations The Argo Corporation
2000 Nov The Argo Corporation

The Argo Corporation began its operations in 1951, when Henry Moskowitz, father of the firm’s current president and chief executive officer Mark, began purchasing properties on the Upper West Side by forming syndications with other real est…

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