2000 Dec/Jan
Focus on... Building Wide Financial Stategies

Communications Digital Digs
2000 Dec/Jan Digital Digs

Never before have there been so many ways to become "wired" in The Big Apple. Innovative companies are readying New York City’s co-ops and condos for the new millennium by making state-of-the-art electronic amenities a mere click away from …

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Buying & Selling The Corcoran Group
2000 Dec/Jan The Corcoran Group

Barbara Corcoran, founder, chairman and chief executive officer of The Corcoran Group, Manhattan’s largest privately owned real estate firm, is on top of her game as she continues to do what she does best: invent ways to market Manhattan’s …

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Design From Storage to Stairmaster
2000 Dec/Jan From Storage to Stairmaster

About ten years ago, Doug Anderson, the board president of 1125 Park Avenue, and some of his fellow board members walked though their building’s basement and saw a wall which, according to Anderson, "didn’t make sense." The inquisitive coop…

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Finance A Mortgage Primer
2000 Dec/Jan A Mortgage Primer

To paraphrase Sy Syms, "an educated board member is a lender’s best borrower!" That concept underlies all of the articles I have written about co-op financing. Since my last article for The Cooperator ("Dial ‘M’ for Mortgage," December/Janu…

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Finance Subletting Pros and Cons
2000 Dec/Jan Subletting Pros and Cons

The board of a co-op is required to perform an ongoing balancing act, weighing both the needs of the individual shareholders and the good of the whole. Nowhere is this more apparent than the controversial issue of subletting. While owners f…

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Finance Brokers & Bankers
2000 Dec/Jan Brokers & Bankers

Nearly 100 percent of New York City co-ops have an underlying mortgage of anywhere from a few thousand dollars to millions of dollars. If you own a co-op, having an additional multi-million dollar mortgage hanging over your head might sound…

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Energy Conservation Save On Utility Costs
2000 Dec/Jan Save On Utility Costs

So, it’s the holiday season again and everyone is feeling generous, even you. You seem to have gotten past your Scrooge-stage and feel like splurging on someone else for a change. You don’t mind going the extra mile for your neighbor or run…

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