1998 Dec/Jan
Focus on... Building-Wide Finacial Strategies

Maintenance Rooftop Water Tanks
1998 Dec/Jan Rooftop Water Tanks

New Yorkers love to brag about having the best-tasting drinking water in the country, although residents of high-rise buildings may not realize that their water makes an extra stop on its way from the reservoir. When high-rise residents t…

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Finance A Windfall for Sellers
1998 Dec/Jan A Windfall for Sellers

As the year draws to a close, many Americans are still trying to grasp all the revisions in the tax law that went into effect last summer as part of the Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997. One of the changes that has the most impact on homeowner…

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Finance Financing Work in Condos
1998 Dec/Jan Financing Work in Condos

You live in a condo, and the building has come of age. The facade needs a little work here and there, and the windows should be replaced. Up until recently you would have had only three optionsall of which were sure to be unpopular with u…

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Finance Protecting Your Property's Assets
1998 Dec/Jan Protecting Your Property's Assets

Co-ops and condos operate on significant budgets, usually in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, sometimes well into the millions, and it falls to those who serve on these properties' boards to control all that money. One way they do it…

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Finance The Self-Amortizing Loan
1998 Dec/Jan The Self-Amortizing Loan

What a time to be shopping for a new underlying mortgage! Interest rates are again nearing a 30-year bottom and several dozen lenders are scrambling to fill their portfolios. Spreadsthe incremental amount that a lender adds to an index (s…

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Design Designing with Light
1998 Dec/Jan Designing with Light

There's no question that human beings respond to light. Its absence can affect our sense of well-being, and this may be why bright, sunny apartments tend to be the easiest to sell. Whether you have an interior designer map out a detailed li…

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