Rooftop Water Tanks Proper Maintenance is Essential

New Yorkers love to brag about having the best-tasting drinking water in the country, although

residents of high-rise buildings may not realize that their water makes an extra stop on its way from the reservoir. When high-rise residents turn on their taps to have a drink of water, take a shower or wash the dishes, the water comes from a tank located on the roof of the building. In addition to serving as a storage device, the tank creates water pressure through gravity which brings water to each apartment as needed.

Like other building components and systems, water tanks have to be routinely maintained so they can continue to operate safely and efficiently. A decision to put off maintenance today will most certainly be regretted tomorrow, says Anita Sapirman, president of Saparn Realty, Inc., a Manhattan-based residential property management firm. When it comes to water tanks, preventive maintenance is the name of the game. The water tank requires regular attention to prevent the need for emergency interventions which can be enormously expensive.

Richard Silver, president of American Pipe and Tank Lining Company, a Manhattan-based firm that specializes in water tank maintenance, adds, The cleaning of water tanks is not just prudent maintenance, but New York City law. Tanks containing potable waterthat is, water for consumption purposesmust be cleaned and disinfected no less than once a year. According to New York City Department of Buildings spokesperson Ted Birkhahn, the Building Code sets forth specific guidelines for cleaning the tank as well as for maintaining the physical structure including supports and covers.

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  • who regulates the quality of the water in the water tank?
  • I live on the 1rst.floor of a 14th floor build.On occasions when i run the faucet on the tub full force I see a tiny featherin the water.Should I say anything to my boss?
  • reverse osmosis filters on Monday, June 7, 2010 12:51 PM
    who regulates the quality of the water in the water tank?
  • Water tanks have changed greatly in the past hundred years. Older tanks may have been made of steel or wood which causes rotting and erosion. Newer water tanks are primarily made out of polyethylene/ plastic. It lasts longer and requires less maintenance. Source:
  • I have a rooftop apartment and the water tank is leaking heavily. Is the building supposed to repair this immediately? I have asked for over 6 months, and have yet to see it repaired.
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  • Kindly advise on how I can insulate my plastic rooftop water tank from the excessive heat & dust in Lahore, Pakistan. Many Thanks
  • I have a grown floor house and water tank is place on Its roof and I have two bathrooms and one kitchen connected with tank but i regularly to face a problem of coming air in my line. So how to rectify this problem permanently. Please guide me about it..
  • How much height do you need to create enough pressure for showering etc?
  • After reading through this entire document; the original question of keeping the tank from freezing was never responded to. Is this the way people do things now?
  • The motor of the roof top water pump (I'm assuming that's it's the motor). A very lound humming sound goes off approximately every 6 minutes for 1 minute. Could that become a hugh problem to the building? And other than the landlord is there anyone else I can complain to?