1996 Jun
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Board Operations Sharing The Workload
1996 Jun Sharing The Workload

Board members don't always see eye to eye. In a tragic case in Boynton Beach, Florida, an argument over the number of votes needed for a quorum led to the accidental death of a 70-year-old board member. During a discussion about the upcomin…

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Management Leadership in Management Awards
1996 Jun Leadership in Management Awards

roperty management is a challenging field that appeals to quick- thinking, high energy individuals. Besides excellent number crunching skills, a good property manager must also demonstrate a keen knowledge of crisis intervention, not to m…

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Management Holders of Unsold Shares
1996 Jun Holders of Unsold Shares

This truth may not be self-evident, but in a co-op all shareholders are not created equal. Virtually every Offering Plan provides for a special class of shareholderscalled Holders of Unsold Shareswho are routinely granted privileges not e…

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