1995 Sep
Focus on... Energy Consevation

Management Start Greening Your Building
1995 Sep Start Greening Your Building

While there has been a lot of talk in the industry recently about energy conservation, it would seem that most board members and residents are not sure where to begin or how they should proceed. The Cooperator has uncovered several new pr…

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Design First Impressions Are Lasting
1995 Sep First Impressions Are Lasting

Just as the entrance hall of an apartment welcomes and sets the tone for the rooms beyond, a lobby creates an instant impression for anyone who enters, including guests and potential buyers. A lobby is a building's best foot forward and mus…

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Law & Legislation Derivative Lawsuits
1995 Sep Derivative Lawsuits

A cooperative is generally organized as a so-called business corporation, just like, for example, IBM or AT&T. Accordingly, shareholders of a cooperative have the same rights as shareholders in other New York business corporations to init…

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Law & Legislation A Small Victory for Co-ops?
1995 Sep A Small Victory for Co-ops?

To be, or not to be [taxed]? That is the question. It appears that William Shakespeare had been posing the same question that treasurers and other board members of New York co-ops have been asking their accountants for the past five…

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