Start Greening Your Building New Ideas Help Boards Conserve

While there has been a lot of talk in the industry recently about energy conservation, it would

seem that most board members and residents are not sure where to begin or how they should proceed. The Cooperator has uncovered several new products and services to help your building get a head start on the road to energy efficiency.

Promoting Building-Wide Conservation

While the Pennsylvania-based E-Mon Corporation has been manufacturing electrical submeters since 1981, they have only recently begun to target the residential market with their new E-CON: Economy Series. The new E-CON meters are single-phase kilowatt hour meters that monitor electrical usage after the main power supply coming into the building.

Although the product has just been introduced, spokeswoman Heather Cottrell feels it is ideal for co-ops and condos who want to move their building in a green direction. The building owner or manager will be billing residents for the exact amount of electricity they're using, she explains. This will cut down on residents haggling over what they're paying and eliminate anyone being charged unfairly higher rates. It's not fair to charge the same flat rate to someone who's never in the apartment as you do to someone who works out of a home office and has three computers going all night, she says.


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