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Neighborhoods A Port of Import
A Port of Import

While Manhattan still commands the lion's share of attention for its luxury real estate market, skip a stone across the Hudson and you'll find a development that aims to give it a run for its money. Port Imperial, an expansive $2 billion…

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Neighborhoods Tall & Taller
Tall & Taller

Condominium buildings can anchor a block, or serve as a hub for community - at least theoretically. And why not? They're communally-run residential dwellings where neighbors must co-exist in close quarters. But on opposite sides of Manhatta…

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Neighborhoods The Changing Faces of Washington Heights
The Changing Faces of Washington Heights

Washington Heights sits on the narrow neck of land that juts up from Harlem toward the Bronx in upper Manhattan. Developed in stages from around the turn of the last century through World War II, the neighborhood has been referred to by m…

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Neighborhoods Down the Jersey Way
Down the Jersey Way

Do even a hasty web search, and you can easily find examples of how New York City is becoming increasingly expensive and its boroughs gentrified  --  but the city's status as a global business hub never wavers. This poses the questi…

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