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Management Getting Back on Track
2011 November Getting Back on Track

Managing a cooperative or condominium apartment building in New York would be a piece of cake… if weren’t for all those people. “The bricks and mortar is easy,” says Margie Russell, managing director of the New York Association…

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Management Q&A: Distribution of Shareholder Benefits?
2011 January Q&A: Distribution of Shareholder Benefits?

Q Is it legal for the board to take the shareholders’ tax benefit credit every year without their consent, as a special assessment and a second assessment as well, within six months apart? I received the letter about this, contacted …

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Management Q&A: Homeowner Repairs Allowed?
2011 January Q&A: Homeowner Repairs Allowed?

Q If there is damage to my roof and it leaks into my condominium unit and I reported it to the board three times with no repairs made, can I repair it myself and deduct the cost from my common charges? —Falling on Deaf Ears …

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Management Emergency Planning for Managers
2011 January Emergency Planning for Managers

 There's no question that the operational and administrative complexity of  multifamily buildings requires effective management to create and maintain a  safe, secure environment for residents and staff alike.    Property management…

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Management From the Court to the Board
2011 January From the Court to the Board

Over the past few months there have been several interesting and insightful court decisions. Here are a few legal cases that provide some helpful lessons. Vassi v. Salem House Condo Bd. Lesson: Condo boards need to make…

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Management Kew Gardens, Queens
2011 January Kew Gardens, Queens

Kew Gardens in Queens seems to be just another urban neighborhood when you emerge from the Union Turnpike subway station. For instance, there is the long stretch of Queens Boulevard that is always busy with traffic. Lining the boulevard…

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Management Keepin it Clean
2011 January Keepin it Clean

There comes a time in every New Yorker’s life when they are faced with a situation so grave, so urgent and so daunting, it can make even the toughest East Coaster crumble and cave: Laundry Day. Many have the tools to survive ev…

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Management What's New for Co-ops and Condos
2011 January What's New for Co-ops and Condos

 As managers, residents, and board members of the city's residential buildings  gear up for 2011, sweeping up the tinsel and cookie crumbs leftover from holiday parties isn't the  only job at hand. From bedbug disclosure rules to a propose…

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Management Keeping In Touch
2011 January Keeping In Touch

As recently as five years ago, traditional phone logs and Rolodexes were a common part of a managing agent’s daily communications arsenal. Yet, with recent advances in property management software, such anachronistic methods are largely…

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