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As Costs Rise, So Do Carrying Charges

The Community Associations Institute (CAI) estimates that 74 million Americans live in communities managed by homeowners associations, of which condos account for 35% to 40%. That’s a lot of people - many of whom may be in for a nasty shock…

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Finance Out of Sight, Out of Mind...Out of Money?
Out of Sight, Out of Mind...Out of Money?

Beautiful new residential buildings are erected every year. As developers make the finishing touches, the walls are closed to conceal elements like piping, wiring, fire suppression systems, and insulation. Unfortunately, awareness of these …

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Finance Mixed Income Communities
2021 July Mixed Income Communities

Like so many other communities throughout the United States, New York City remains segregated in many respects—racially, economically, and socially—but even so, the city has achieved a level of housing integration despite the systemic force…

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Finance Where Does It Go?
2021 July Where Does It Go?

The vast majority of co-op and condominium boards are well intentioned and work diligently with their management and accountants to draft and monitor their annual budgets—and recalibrate them as necessary. Despite their best efforts to keep…

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Finance A Day Late, a Dollar Short
A Day Late, a Dollar Short

In a world where the cost of services and goods are generally rising, even in the absence of any substantive inflation, co-op and condominium boards and management are always looking for ways to hold the line on increasing monthly costs.  T…

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Finance Home Office Expense?
Home Office Expense?

As we all know - and are probably sick of hearing at this point - the past year has been a time like no other.  Many of us who regularly work in offices have been working from home, many for the first time. Does that qualify us for the same…

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Finance Anatomy of a Condo Loan
Anatomy of a Condo Loan

As we’ve reported in previous articles, special assessments are not the only tool condo associations and HOAs have to finance common area improvements and major repairs when needed; there are also loans available in the marketplace to help …

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Finance Using Reserves to Cover a Cash Shortage
Using Reserves to Cover a Cash Shortage

Reserve funds are a normal - and crucial - component of the budget for any co-op and condominium community. Lenders of all types, whether it be the banking institution that holds the underlying permanent mortgage on an entire co-op building…

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