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Energy Conservation Silencing Leaks
2018 September Silencing Leaks

Plumbing is a minor miracle: clean water, on demand, and at the temperature one chooses in his or her apartment. What would have been the height of luxury just a couple of generations ago is now considered a bare necessity. Miraculous as it…

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Energy Conservation The Recyclists
2018 September The Recyclists

When it comes to how co-op and condo communities navigate the race to address climate change, a goal like switching to 100 percent renewable energy may seem too tall an order. On the other hand, simply recycling household glass, paper, and …

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Energy Conservation Hidden Energy Wasters
2018 September Hidden Energy Wasters

Co-ops and condos routinely undertake major capital projects to improve and update their physical plant with the hopes of both increasing value and cutting expenses. But how about more modest programs to save money in areas that are often o…

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Energy Conservation Revisiting Passive House Building
Revisiting Passive House Building

In April of 2017, The Cooperator  examined the passive house building standard that, according to the Passive House Institute U.S. website , follows a set of design principles to achieve energy efficiency in a structure–or as the orga…

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Energy Conservation Reducing Energy Costs
Reducing Energy Costs

Every conscientious board wants to control costs, while still making sure everyone in the building or association gets the services their monthly fees entitle them to. Here, an energy pro discusses ways that boards can reduce energy costs w…

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Energy Conservation Switching to LEDs
Switching to LEDs

The days of incandescent lighting are on the wane, and LED lighting is where it's at. Cooler, more efficient, and longer-lasting than most older bulbs, LEDs are even mandated for use in some settings. Here, lighting pros tell what your boar…

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Energy Conservation Energy Procurement Resources
Energy Procurement Resources

Even seasoned co-op, condo, and HOA board members can find themselves at a loss when it comes to the complex business of energy procurement. In this short video, an industry pro give a few tips on where boards (and managers) can go to learn…

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