Category: Building Operations

Maintenance Revolutionary Laundry Rooms
1996 Apr Revolutionary Laundry Rooms

Forget the dark, dingy room with uncomfortable chairs and crummy machines. Never mind running down to the laundry room with an armload of clothes to find that all the machines are in use. Those days are over. Imagine a laundry room that i…

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Finance We've Got You Covered
1996 Mar We've Got You Covered

One of the most important pieces of insurance coverage a co-op or condo building carries is its directors and officers (D & O) policy. This coverage protects the personal assets of board members from exposure in the event a lawsuit is fil…

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Management Renewed Confidence in the Real Estate Market
1996 Mar Renewed Confidence in the Real Estate Market

At the Real Estate Board of New York's first residential convention last month, there was a sense of elation in the air. Not only was REBNY celebrating its 100th anniversary and the success of its new trade show, but there was a new sense…

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Design A Sign of Good Design
1996 Feb A Sign of Good Design

Everyone agrees that a building's exterior and lobby make a lasting first impression. But have you ever noticed how many signs you pass between the curb and the apartment you are visiting? As we breeze through on our way upstairs, we barely…

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Finance Making Ends Meet
1996 Feb Making Ends Meet

This is the time of year when many boards are engaged in the budget and planning process. Unfortunately, this process sometimes results in the unhappy realization that the cooperative does not have enough sources to cover all of its proj…

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Management Maintenance Should Not Be Neglected
1996 Feb Maintenance Should Not Be Neglected

It's Friday night and you've just arrived home from a long week at work. Picking up your mail, you head upstairs in anticipation of a cold drink and a hot bath. But when you enter the bathroom, you find a quarter inch of water covering the …

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Insurance Containing Insurance Costs
1996 Dec/Jan Containing Insurance Costs

Members of the insurance industry do not agree on much, but if they agree on one thing it's that insurance can seem like a very complex subject. For board members, there is one clear objective regarding insurance: to secure the lowest pos…

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Finance New Lending Options for Co-ops
1996 Dec/Jan New Lending Options for Co-ops

In the first cold day of the season, a group of res- idents and politicians stood in front of the Griffin, a 199-unit co-op in Brooklyn, trying to stay warm. You're not cold are you? exclaimed Jeannette Gadson, deputy borough president of…

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Design Designing for the Environment
1995 Nov Designing for the Environment

As issues such as global warming, shrinking rain forests and overflowing landfills move to the top of our national agenda, environmental considerations have taken a higher priority among interior designers as well. These days, a kitchen ren…

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Management Making the Match
1995 Nov Making the Match

One of the most difficult decisions boards of co-ops and condos have to make is who should manage their buildings. While boards are obviously looking for management that has both the qualifications and experience to handle a building such…

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