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Board Operations In the Know
2000 Nov In the Know

Call a real estate consultant a "know-it-all" and he or she will probably just smile wisely. For a consultant, that term is far from insulting. It’s simply a statement of fact. These "Jacks-and-Janes-of all trades" serve a diverse clie…

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Board Operations Combat Homeowner Apathy
2000 Oct Combat Homeowner Apathy

It’s the beginning of another meeting in your building and even though signs were posted throughout the lobby and on bulletin boards, the crowd is sparse. To make matters worse, the few owners or shareholders who are in attendance have only…

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Board Operations Getting the Message Out
2000 Oct Getting the Message Out

Who would visit a medical office that did not have running water? Many would question whether the office was sanitary. This occurred to a doctor who used a Forest Hills co-op unit as his office. Management placed a notice under residents’ d…

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Board Operations Enforcing House Rules
2000 Aug Enforcing House Rules

Building house rules are the "Thou shalt not’s" of the co-op and condo world. Unlike the proprietary lease or bylaws, which cover operational and administrative matters, the house rules cover behavior of the residents–you know, the types of…

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Board Operations The Ins and Outs Of Illegal Sublets
2000 Jul The Ins and Outs Of Illegal Sublets

In today’s booming real estate market everyone is looking to turn a profit. Should co-op shareholders be any different? Everyone wants a piece of the pie but at what cost? Subletting cooperative apartments can be very simple if you follow t…

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Board Operations NORC Program
2000 May NORC Program

Last month, the New York Association of Realty Managers (NYARM) hosted a seminar on a somewhat new phenomenon known as "NORCs." Short for "Naturally Occuring Retirement Communities," the acronym has come to mean much to many seniors through…

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Board Operations All A-Board!
1999 Nov All A-Board!

Owning your own home is a huge commitment, but imagine being accountable for your neighbors’ homes as well. It’s a commitment hundreds of individuals throughout New York’s condo and co-op community make each year as members of their buildin…

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Board Operations Checks and Balances
1998 Nov Checks and Balances

Your co-op or condo is your home but it's also a business with vendors, contractors and a board of directors that sets guidelines affecting everyone. As in any business, there exists the potential for theft and fraud. While there are no …

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Board Operations Policies and Procedures
1998 Nov Policies and Procedures

The best-run co-ops and condos regularly update their house rules document, providing essential information to residents, the board and the professionals who work with the building, on everything from payment of arrears to installation of w…

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Board Operations Time Management and Delegation
1998 Oct Time Management and Delegation

Since it's a common belief that the best way to get something done is to give it to a busy person, it's often the busiest shareholders and unit owners that are elected to serve on the board. How do they find the time to add yet another resp…

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