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  • the condo board charged everyone for windows two years ago (65 units) never put in windows , they are never in the office or maintain the building properly. They are now returning the money after two year collecting interest about $3,000 plus each condo owner but, she does not want to return my money , I am paying interest on that money I borrowed over $3,000.00 for the windows, but, before that time I had new windows installed and she said give us the money and it will be returned, but no way. I have a $2,000.00 vet bill and I need the money NOW. Please tell me what to do and who to report it. There are three administrators and never in the office and if t hey are the door is always closed. We haven't had a meeting going on three years . Lies, Lies, and more lies. they are so rude when you ask them something. Please tell me how to end this..... thank you. I am living here since 1993 and never never had a problem until this. I am also having a problem with a step daughter wanting to reprocess the condo her husband is a retired cop from Laval and the biggest crook. Robbed my husband and I of our inheritants and I think they are paying her off to make us miserable and leave. We pay everything taxes, condo fees , assessments . My husband's father bought us this condo when we got married and he is the only son and his daughter would not stop at anything. She had a friend a notary that helped her change the will, but it says the condo is ours and we pay all the expenses etc. she even took his name off city hall to get the tax bill so we don't get the bill and naturally don't pay it unless my neighbour tells us and we go to city hall and always paid. My husband Harold is 90 years and for the past 10 years they are harassing us. Yes, we have a lawyer that seems to be good with their lawyer and does nothing but ask for money which we had to borrow. I want to report this condo abuse and get my money please, please help us.