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Board Operations The Total Package
2012 April The Total Package

 In the best of circumstances, qualifying an applicant for a co-op or condominium  purchase can be a challenging process. Market conditions play a part in a  board's consideration of applicants, and recent fluctuations have changed the  wa…

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Shareholder Relations Following the Golden Rules
2012 February Following the Golden Rules

Every co-op and condo association has its own house rules—rules and regulations (hopefully) based on common sense and aimed at protecting residents' safety and quality of life without undue disruption or inconvenience. Most un…

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Management Relations Revenue or Reduction
2012 January Revenue or Reduction

 Budgeting is never easy, not for a family of four and certainly not for a co-op  or condo community of hundreds or thousands of residents. That fact is made all  the more difficult by the lingering effects of the recession, which continue…

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Board Operations Holding Fair Elections
2011 October Holding Fair Elections

Election season typically starts around Labor Day, when we start to be bombarded with reminders to cast our ballots to choose who we want to be in charge of our city, town, state and country. It ends on Election Day in November, when th…

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Q&A Q&A: Accessing Common Elements
2011 October Q&A: Accessing Common Elements

Q In our parking garage we have access to a bike storage room and an outside bike rack that is next to a resident's handicapped parking spot. Right now the only way to get to the bikes is to "trespass" over the parking spot. Our concern…

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Law & Legislation The Paper Chase
2011 June The Paper Chase

 With homeownership comes great responsibility. For co-op and condo residents,  part of that responsibility means sorting through the seemingly mile-high  stacks of documents handed to you before, during and after the purchase process  beg…

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Real Estate Trends Applying Yourself
2011 April Applying Yourself

Buying an apartment in New York can be a smooth process—or as smooth as smooth can be when the number of attorneys present at the closing are enough to field a N.Y. Urban Professionals Basketball League team—or it can be a harrowing roll…

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Criminal Liability for Cooperatives
2011 April Criminal Liability for Cooperatives

Two state laws make the illegality of a tenant’s use of rented premises a matter of considerable concern to property owners of all kinds, including cooperatives. One empowers local prosecutors to bring eviction proceedings against both …

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