2018 March
Focus on... Exterior Maintenance

Exterior Planning Ahead
2018 March Planning Ahead

They say that a stitch in time saves nine. But when dealing with exterior maintenance and repairs for your condominium, cooperative or homeowners’ association, that proverbial stitch can save nines – or tens – of thousands of dollars. Small…

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Exterior Roof Maintenance
2018 March Roof Maintenance

A residential property could have triple-reinforced titanium steel walls, and it still wouldn’t be worth a darn without a sturdy roof. It’s through the roof and rooftop features that many problematic elements can enter a building, from wind…

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Exterior Exterior Signage
2018 March Exterior Signage

The signs, they are everywhere. They give elegance and style to the names of our buildings and communities. They earn extra income for our buildings with advertisements, and they point out the location of our commercial tenants on the groun…

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Maintenance Sidewalk Repair
2018 March Sidewalk Repair

Beyond the obvious concerns of injury and liability from accidents caused by disrepair, sidewalk maintenance is also important when it comes to establishing a good first impression of your building overall. With some basic knowledge of what…

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Finance Curing Arrears
2018 March Curing Arrears

The last three apartments in your luxury hi-rise condo were sold to a troika of Russian oligarchs, who all paid well above the asking price. But now those oligarchs are on the sanctions list, and have withheld their monthly maintenance fees…

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Q&A Q&A: Fumes Threaten Our Building
2018 March Q&A: Fumes Threaten Our Building

Q. All lower floors in our co-op are being poisoned by gasoline exhaust fumes, sickening all tenants in the lower floors, endangering the youngsters and seniors in the building, and exacerbating preexisting conditions. In addition, the la…

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Q&A Q&A: Breach of Confidentiality?
2018 March Q&A: Breach of Confidentiality?

Q. Say a shareholder spoke to the president and vice president of the board and disclosed his or her health condition. And later on, the president and vice president lost re-election to the board and found out that the shareholder did not…

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Q&A Q&A: Live-in Super Who Runs an Outside Business
2018 March Q&A: Live-in Super Who Runs an Outside Business

Q. I have lived in a 72-unit co-op in Brooklyn since 2004. When I was interviewed by the board, I was told the co-op has live-in super who is not allowed to have an additional outside job. This was an important appeal to me, as I felt day…

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