2018 January
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Management The Limits of Board Powers
2018 January The Limits of Board Powers

It is not easy being a board member. There are meetings to attend, documents to review, decisions to make, and neighbors to mollify. There are also a number of rules and regulations that must be followed in order to ensure that the individu…

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Management Concierge Services
2018 January Concierge Services

Everyone can use a little help now and again. The residents of condominiums, co-ops or homeowners’ associations are no exception. There are tons of tasks that just cannot be left up to the board or residents who are busy people themselves, …

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Management Accessing Units
2018 January Accessing Units

Owning a unit in a multifamily co-op or condo carries a great many benefits in the form of shared responsibilities, but it also requires compromises along the lines of control: what your board, management, and building staff can or cannot d…

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Management Board/Management Relations
2018 January Board/Management Relations

A condominium, cooperative or homeowners’ association thrives or falters based on how all of the various stakeholders involved can come together in effort to achieve a common goal: the maintenance of a successful and stable residential comm…

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Management NORCs on the Rise
2018 January NORCs on the Rise

Among the many positive aspects of apartment ownership (rather than renting) are long-term stability and long-term occupancy.  Long a city of mostly renters, New York City has transitioned into more and more a city of owners over the past 4…

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Real Estate Trends Looking Ahead to 2018
2018 January Looking Ahead to 2018

Just as it was last year, the real estate market–including the market for co-ops, condos and HOAs–is on an upswing. The economy seems to have largely (if not completely) recovered from the 2007-08 recession, and professionals don’t see any …

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Buying & Selling New Construction & Development
2018 January New Construction & Development

From the far West Side to the Lower East Side to Downtown, scaffolds are being raised and new residences are being built all over Manhattan. Just a few years ago, new construction of these types would have been scoffed at. Now the times the…

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Finance HOA Financial Statements
2018 January HOA Financial Statements

Members of a condominium or co-op homeowners’ association (HOA) have a fiduciary responsibility to manage their community’s funds wisely, and to protect the financial interests of all owner/shareholders. Breaching this duty carries the real…

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Q&A Q&A: Our Co-Op Is Being Improperly Run
2018 January Q&A: Our Co-Op Is Being Improperly Run

Q. What do you do when the president of the board, property manager, and super are all one family? I tried waking up the shareholders with memos and flyers about the conflict of interest to no avail. Our beautiful Garden of Eden has becom…

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Q&A Q&A: Shareholders Breaking House Rules
2018 January Q&A: Shareholders Breaking House Rules

Q. I live in a 194-unit co-op where many shareholders are breaking one or more of the house rules. Our management claims the rules cannot be enforced because the courts do not recognize them. If this is true, how does a co-op protect its …

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