2017 September
Focus on... Energy & Environment

Energy Conservation Improving Indoor Air Quality
2017 September Improving Indoor Air Quality

In multifamily buildings that hundreds —maybe even thousands—of people call home, it comes as no surprise that unpleasant smells can become an absolute nuisance. The airways that run through the building, the chutes and areas that house the…

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Energy Conservation A Look at Cogeneration
2017 September A Look at Cogeneration

The majority of residential buildings in New York City obtain power from Con Edison or secondary energy suppliers. But in recent years, boards and managing agents have investigated, and in some cases, installed “cogeneration” systems that a…

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Energy Conservation Cleanliness Is... Greenliness?
2017 September Cleanliness Is... Greenliness?

Cleaning products should, ideally, have one primary function: to make things less dirty. But once one delves deeper into the overall goal, things get more complicated. For instance, what makes something really clean? Does it mean to look sh…

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Real Estate Trends A Look at HDFCs
2017 September A Look at HDFCs

Incorporated under Article XI of the Private Housing Finance Law, Housing Development Fund Corporation (HDFC) cooperatives are partnerships between public and private interests that help the tenants of city-owned residential co-ops – often …

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Finance Appropriate Use of Common Funds
2017 September Appropriate Use of Common Funds

For the board members and managers handling the successful operation of a co-op or condo community, one of their biggest responsibilities revolves around their fiduciary duties. They are, after all, dealing with people’s biggest assets: the…

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Design The Challenge of Small Spaces
2017 September The Challenge of Small Spaces

Unless you call a sprawling Wyoming cattle ranch home, chances are that in your life, space comes at a premium. And while living in close quarters in places like New York City is often fodder for jokes, the problem of not enough space (or t…

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Board Operations Board Compensation
2017 September Board Compensation

The amount of time and energy invested by board members in the many decisions and projects surrounding the successful functioning of a building community can demand the kind of commitment and dedication required by a demanding part-time job…

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Q&A Q&A: Changing Officers In The Middle Of Their Term
2017 September Q&A: Changing Officers In The Middle Of Their Term

Q. My husband is the president of our condo community, and some board positions' terms are ending and are up for vote, but he has another year before his term is up. My question is, can the new members vote to remove the sitting president…

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Q&A Q&A: Requesting Financial Info From the Co-op
2017 September Q&A: Requesting Financial Info From the Co-op

Q. I am a duly-elected board member of my New York co-op.  I have requested financial information from our co-op's treasurer.  Although I have gotten various email responses from the treasurer that 'talk around' the subject and he says he…

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Q&A Q&A: Co-op Board Hasn't Had a Meeting in a While
2017 September Q&A: Co-op Board Hasn't Had a Meeting in a While

Q. I live in a co-op in Bayside, Queens. We have not had a board meeting in almost two and-a-half years. I call and get no answer. Also, there is the issue that the president of the board is also the owner-manager of a property management…

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