2016 May
Focus on... Design/Architecture

Design Incorporating Safety into Play Time
2016 May Incorporating Safety into Play Time

One universal truth on which we all can agree is that kids like to play. They love little more than getting together and having a bang-up good time. And in almost any cooperative, condominium or homeowners’ association, there is likely to b…

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Design Designing Common Areas
2016 May Designing Common Areas

In the past, developers would throw a few chairs and tables into a large room and call it a common area or a recreation room and leave it at that. Today, however, there's more to designing, maintaining and upgrading a successful common area…

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Design The New Architectural Renderings
2016 May The New Architectural Renderings

In the past, when it came time to do a remodeling project, no one really ever had much of an idea as to how things would turn out. Architects and designers would come by with blueprints or swatches of color and fabric and ask you to just im…

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Design The Evolution of the New York City Apartment
2016 May The Evolution of the New York City Apartment

When you close your eyes and imagine 'New York City,' what do you see? There are a million different 'versions' of the city to influence your imagination. There is the city you live, work and play in—the bills, your commute, and your favori…

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Design Design Committees
2016 May Design Committees

When you lived alone, designing your space was easy. You went to the paint store, selected your favorite colors, came home and did the deed. But then you got married, and decorating got a little trickier. Every design decision had to get ap…

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