2015 July
Focus on... Budget & Finance

Finance Money Talks
2015 July Money Talks

Imagine sitting down with your significant other to pay the monthly bills. You both put your checks into a joint account and know how much there is to take care of expenses, or so you think. Out of his wallet your husband pulls out receipts…

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Finance In The Black
2015 July In The Black

Taking care of a condo or co-op building’s budget and finances is a big job. Handling such large sums of money is an important responsibility, and not every shareholder or unit owner has the expertise to do the job well. Sure, most people k…

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Finance Dealing With Code Violations
2015 July Dealing With Code Violations

Those of us without engineering degrees tend to take the buildings in which we live and work for granted. We simply assume that if we go indoors, the ceiling isn't going to suddenly collapse. Of course, buildings can remain upright and stru…

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Finance Don’t Raid the Cookie Jar
2015 July Don’t Raid the Cookie Jar

Sometimes the future seems like it’s an awfully long way away. If a roof is going to last 30 years, why should we worry about it today? Same with that shiny new boiler or that flat, crack-free pavement just poured two summers ago. Eventuall…

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Finance New York City’s $78.5 Billion Budget Plan
2015 July New York City’s $78.5 Billion Budget Plan

Mayor Bill de Blasio and City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito shook ceremonious hands over New York City’s budget a week before it was due, after the mayor reversed his position on hiring new police officers. Thanks to strong local ec…

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Neighborhoods Manhattan’s North of Madison
2015 July Manhattan’s North of Madison

New York City's NoMad [North of Madison Square Park] neighborhood has always flown under the radar, but recently the area has exploded in popularity among New York City's elite. Former first daughter Chelsea Clinton and her financier husba…

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