2009 May
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Design Stretching Your Dollars
2009 May Stretching Your Dollars

It's time to face the facts. The teal-and-salmon sofa that was purchased for your foyer may not exactly be in  style any more. The window treatments that were chosen in the early 1990s no  longer grace the pages of every design magazine so…

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Design In Good Harmony
2009 May In Good Harmony

Good communication is key to making any relationship work—married or dating couple, parent and child, sibling to sibling, and best friend forever friendships. In the co-op and condo world, boards also have relationships—with vendors, des…

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Design Keeping Projects on Schedule
2009 May Keeping Projects on Schedule

Nothing can take the fun out of a design project faster than missed deadlines and cost overruns—and naturally, both problems usually go hand in hand. Even if a project is certain to increase a property’s value and/or curb appeal, the uph…

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Design Putting Your Best Foot Forward
2009 May Putting Your Best Foot Forward

In today’s tough real estate market, people are searching for every advantage they can find when it comes time to sell their property. They’ll search out the best agent they can find. Or place ads in the highest circulation magazines. T…

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Design Water Pressure Myths
2009 May Water Pressure Myths

 Few things annoy an apartment homeowner more than persistent low water pressure,  be it at the shower, the kitchen sink or the toilet. So common the problem, one  wonders what New Yorker hasn’t suffered from it and what property manager h…

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Design The Importance of Home Staging
2009 May The Importance of Home Staging

 How many times have you seen a property that’s a mess and visually unappealing with so much furniture and furnishings that it  is impossible to see anything? There are cracks that need spackling, walls that  need cleaning, and floors that…

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Q&A Q&A: Board Resisting Removal
2009 May Q&A: Board Resisting Removal

Board Resisting Removal Q A group of majority unit owners in our Manhattan condominium are trying to remove our current board of managers for failing to operate the building in compliance with our bylaws. This group signed a pet…

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Q&A Q&A: Right to Inherit
2009 May Q&A: Right to Inherit

Right to Inherit Q What are the laws in New York City regarding domestic partners who are technically the tenants of a co-op owner? My domestic partner and I have been living in my Jackson Heights co-op for over five-years. H…

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