2005 Jan
Focus on... Management/Board Relations

Management Relations Listen to This!
2005 Jan Listen to This!

Just as the world is populated with both good and bad people, New York City is populated by some excellently run and well-organized co-op and condo boards, and some not so efficient. Making unpopular decisions doesn't necessarily mean a bo…

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Management Relations The Debate Goes On
2005 Jan The Debate Goes On

Six years ago, a scandal rocked the New York State real estate management industry for the second time in a decade. Thirty management company owners, agents and contractors were indicted for taking kickbacks for contract work at many New Y…

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Management Relations Disseminating Information
2005 Jan Disseminating Information

There's a lot of paperwork that's involved in running a co-op or condo building - everything from financial records to legal documents, shareholder correspondence and management statements from board meetings - and it's important that the …

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Management Relations Avoiding Management Mistakes
2005 Jan Avoiding Management Mistakes

Mistakes happen - they're part of everybody's learning curve. There are plenty of opportunities to make mistakes in the course of running a residential building; in nearly three decades in the building operations field, I've both made and …

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Management Relations The Long and Short of It
2005 Jan The Long and Short of It

Every co-op or condo community in New York City has its own personality and character, from the tiny 20-unit brownstone co-ops of the West Village to the towering modern high-rises of the Upper East Side. The wide range of sizes, demograph…

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Neighborhoods Way Uptown
2005 Jan Way Uptown

They say you can have it all in New York City, but sometimes that's a tough proposition: You want to live in Manhattan, but you want your home to be an idyllic retreat. You're looking for an affordable co-op, but you think it should be spa…

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Board Operations Manage This
2005 Jan Manage This

Property managers have a lot to keep track of - board and shareholder meetings, maintenance issues, and a host of other concerns that go along with managing a building - or in some cases several buildings - in a metropolitan area like New …

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