2005 Feb
Focus on... Communications&Technology

Communications Intelligent Buildings
2005 Feb Intelligent Buildings

Advances in technology are influencing virtually every area of our lives and for decades, condos and co-ops have taken advantage of technology to make their buildings run smoother. Things that are now commonplace - like intercom systems, v…

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Communications Mansions By Mouse-Click
2005 Feb Mansions By Mouse-Click

In the past, if you were considering buying a co-op or condo apartment, you would have relied mostly upon the classified ads in the local newspapers and journals to find your broker and your new home - or perhaps you would have passed seve…

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Communications Getting Up to Speed
2005 Feb Getting Up to Speed

In today's fast-paced world, it seems technology is moving faster than it ever has. Just when you think you have the latest equipment for anything from telephones to televisions to computers, along comes something else designed to be bette…

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Finance Hand in Hand
2005 Feb Hand in Hand

Some co-op boards and their attorneys are reluctant to allow their tenant-shareholders to obtain reverse mortgages. They tend to apply a forward mortgage criteria and a forward mortgage mindset to such a request - but this type of thinking…

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Finance The Lowdown on Reverse Mortgages
2005 Feb The Lowdown on Reverse Mortgages

Borrower must be age 62 or older No monthly payment is required Must obtain co-op board approval in most cases Proceeds can be used for any purpose No financial reports, credit history or medical reports requir…

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Board Operations You've Got Mail
2005 Feb You've Got Mail

Returned quicker than a phone call and, lately, more powerful than a postal letter, e-mail has become the superman of communication for all facets of life. Today, not only are e-mails used in everyday business and for personal communicatio…

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Board Operations Netiquette 101
2005 Feb Netiquette 101

Gone are the days when friends and associates corresponded with each other via long, handwritten letters on lovely watermarked paper. Today, most of what gets said and done is done so via e-mail; it's faster, easier, and more convenient th…

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Communications Read All About It
2005 Feb Read All About It

Most people read a magazine or a newspaper every day, looking for the news and events that shape their world. Like a daily paper or monthly magazine, building newsletters are more than just a source of timely information, current events an…

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Real Estate Trends Are You In?
2005 Feb Are You In?

Tranquil gated communities in quiet suburban condo developments are probably not the first things that spring to mind when you think about New York City and its outlying boroughs. The city is known for brownstones, high-rises, and skysc…

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Neighborhoods A Tree Grows in Brooklyn
2005 Feb A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

Park Slope has long been one of Brooklyn's most desirable residential neighborhoods. Windsor Terrace, south of the Slope, and Prospect Park South are also much in demand, and the part of Eastern Parkway near Grand Army Plaza has also been …

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Neighborhoods The City By the Bay
2005 Feb The City By the Bay

The neighborhood of Bay Ridge, located in southwest Brooklyn, is known for its 100-year-old houses, off-street parking and sunlight reaching between the buildings. It's also the place where Saturday Night Fever was filmed back in the late …

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Board Operations Mixed Signals
2005 Feb Mixed Signals

Ever since the government deregulated the telecommunications market nearly ten years ago, more and more cable and satellite TV providers have been vying for our attention, constantly improving technology, service, and convenience. To…

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Organizations The Historic Districts Council
2005 Feb The Historic Districts Council

Though we tend to think of New York City as modern and up-to-date, this helluva town has a history spanning more than 350 years. Only a few remnants of 1654 survive to remind us of that fact, but of more recent vintage - say of the 19th ce…

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Law & Legislation Resolving Property Damage Disputes
2005 Feb Resolving Property Damage Disputes

Renovating in existing, occupied buildings such as co-ops and condominiums is a challenge. There is no extra space to work in, and one little mistake can damage a number of apartments. Not only is all the space already spoken for, it's ful…

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