2005 Dec
Focus on... Safety&Security

Security Ready for Anything
2005 Dec Ready for Anything

Time was when New Yorkers rarely thought twice about disasters except when they watched movies such as “Airport,” “Earthquake,” “War of the Worlds” and “King Kong.” Then came 9/11, and people suddenly had to take the threat of …

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Security Gearing Up
2005 Dec Gearing Up

Twenty years ago, Lisa Collier Cool was sleeping in her 14th floor apartment on West 72nd Street in Manhattan when her dog began barking. Not wanting to get up, Lisa tried to go back to sleep, but the dog was adamant and continued. Lis…

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Security Are You Ready?
2005 Dec Are You Ready?

Tragedy and crisis seemed to be the theme for 2005, with tsunamis, earthquakes, hurricanes, and mudslides causing havoc and uprooting the lives of millions all over the world. Of course, we’d all like to think that if such an emergency…

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Security The First Line of Defense
2005 Dec The First Line of Defense

Feeling safe in one’s home is one of life’s most basic requirements. In an urban residential building, it sometimes takes a lot more than locking the doors and making sure your stove is turned off before going to bed to achieve that fe…

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Security Working Smart
2005 Dec Working Smart

Safety first” is good advice on any job, but it is especially appropriate for the varied and dynamic tasks assigned to co-op and condo building staff. Whether checking furnace valves, sealing minor plumbing leaks, keeping the lobby flo…

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Board Operations Tracking a Silent Killer
2005 Dec Tracking a Silent Killer

This winter, like all before it, is sure to see thousands of New Yorkers suffering from colds, sore throats, and run-of-the-mill-but-always-inconvenient flu. While fatigue, headaches, and even nausea are miserable in and of themselves,…

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Organizations The Fine Blue Line
2005 Dec The Fine Blue Line

When the Dutch settled in what was then called “New Amsterdam,” a man named Johann Lampo patrolled the trails and paths of the area, keeping the peace and watching for fires. Little did Lampo know that he was the first in a long, honor…

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Organizations Darkness Comes to Life
2005 Dec Darkness Comes to Life

In 1932, when Josephine Baldizzi was six, her mother Rosaria, used to bathe her in the kitchen’s slop sink in their five-story walkup tenement building at 97 Orchard Street. On her walk to school, she wore her father Adolfo’s size 9 sh…

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Law & Legislation No Control Equals No Liability
2005 Dec No Control Equals No Liability

Recently, the Appellate Division, First Department—the state’s second highest court located in Manhattan—announced a decision with far-reaching implications for the state’s condominium owners. In the case Pekelnaya v. Allyn, the court …

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