2004 Jul
Focus on... Budget&Finance

Finance Co-ops on the Rebound
2004 Jul Co-ops on the Rebound

Cooperative buildings should be run like businesses, with prudent investing and organized budgeting practices in place. As many buildings that have been on the brink of financial disaster can tell you, if you ignore these aspects of runnin…

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Finance Using Your Equity
2004 Jul Using Your Equity

New York City has been in the midst of a real estate boom for the last several years. Even with the economy in recession and the lingering effects of 9/11, homeowners have seen their apartments double, even triple in value in as little as …

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Finance Breaking the News
2004 Jul Breaking the News

With today's uncertain economy and the prices of everything from gas to insurance on the rise, maintenance increases may be on the horizon for thousands more co-op and condo owners this year. Shelling out money is never a pleasure, but tho…

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Finance 80/20 Vision
2004 Jul 80/20 Vision

Say the words "80/20 rule" to a New York City co-op board, and you may be met with groans and furrowed brows. A provision in Section 216 of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) tax code, the 80/20 rule limits the amount of commercial revenu…

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Finance Reserve Funds
2004 Jul Reserve Funds

The primary function of a board of a co-op or condo is to operate, maintain, repair and preserve the common property. The board also has a responsibility to maintain the value of the property. Most boards develop an annual operating b…

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Interior Expanded Owner Obligations
2004 Jul Expanded Owner Obligations

Effective August 2, 2004, a new lead-based paint regulation will force New York City property owners to change the way they deal with lead based paint in their properties. "Local Law 1 of 2004," overseen by the Department of Housing Prese…

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Board Operations Save Your Pennies
2004 Jul Save Your Pennies

One of the most popular attractions at The Cooperator's 17th Annual Co-op & Condo Expo this past March was the roster of seminars that ran throughout the day at the New York Hilton, drawing standing-room-only crowds to panel discussion…

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Neighborhoods Mermaids in Dreamland
2004 Jul Mermaids in Dreamland

Arline Zatz grew up in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, just a short distance away from Coney Island. She recalls that every summer she and her friends would take a short jaunt to the popular beach and amusement parks to lie on the sand and enjoy t…

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Finance Home A-Loan
2004 Jul Home A-Loan

"¢ Borrower must be age 62 or older "¢ No monthly payment is required "¢ Must obtain co-op board approval in most cases "¢ Proceeds can be used for any purpose "¢ No financial reports, credit history or medical reports …

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Finance The Refund Roller Coaster
2004 Jul The Refund Roller Coaster

With New York City rebounding from a sluggish economy and resulting budget deficit, Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg reached a budget agreement with the City Council that includes a $400 dollar property tax refund to city homeowners, who bore the…

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