2001 Oct
Focus on... Board Operations

Board Operations The Letter of the Law
2001 Oct The Letter of the Law

Even the best-running engine–or the most well-built house–needs an occasional tune-up or a fresh coat of paint. So too with governing documents which are so vital to the operation of the place you call home. As times change and people come …

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Board Operations The Age of Consultants
2001 Oct The Age of Consultants

It appears we’re living in the age of the consultant. There are financial consultants, construction consultants, security and management consultants, and those that get you rebates on your building’s taxes and utilities. There are experts t…

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Board Operations Board Education
2001 Oct Board Education

It’s a common enough occurrence: Jane, who has served on your co-op’s board of directors since the Hoover Administration, makes a surprise announcement at the monthly meeting: she’s selling her apartment and retiring to Florida. This does n…

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Law & Legislation The Men Who Would Be Mayor
2001 Oct The Men Who Would Be Mayor

With all the recent grief and confusion in our city, it’s almost easy to forget that there was a mayoral primary scheduled for September 11th. Voting had barely started when terror descended on New York. As images of destruction and chao…

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Interior The Sound and the Fury
2001 Oct The Sound and the Fury

New York City is famous the world over for being "The City That Never Sleeps", but perhaps, as one sardonic resident put it, "They should call it ‘The City That Never Lets You Sleep’!" Thanks to honking cabs, shrieking trains, hypersensitiv…

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Interior Of Mice and Men
2001 Oct Of Mice and Men

"…In 1973, I received my Pest Control license and started my business. My first job was in a building in the South Bronx. The owner of the building had given me the keys to the basement, and I remember driving up to the building and thin…

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Neighborhoods Washington Heights is at its Height
2001 Oct Washington Heights is at its Height

For the last decade or so, Washington Heights has remained a well-kept secret. A narrow stretch of Upper Manhattan crowned by the picturesque Hudson Heights neighborhood, it is home to many transplanted down-towners, among others. The area,…

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Finance Garage Benefits
2001 Oct Garage Benefits

If someone were to tell you that as a New York co-op or condominium owner you may be throwing away up to $1,000 a year on unnecessary taxes, you’d probably be pretty indignant, right? No matter who you are or what you do, a thousand bucks i…

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Finance The Future is Now
2001 Oct The Future is Now

The well-known business guru Peter Drucker once said, "Long-range planning does not deal with future decisions, but with the future of present decisions." This is the basic philosophy professional financial planners use in guiding their …

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