2000 Feb
Focus on... Management/Board Relations

Design Cover Story: The Changing Face of  New York
2000 Feb Cover Story: The Changing Face of New York

New York City is in a constant state of flux. At no time was this better illustrated than during the recent New Year’s Eve celebrations. Photographs of Times Square celebrations past were constantly flashed across television screens, but wh…

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Management Relations Large vs. Small
2000 Feb Large vs. Small

Peculiar as it may sound, the union of a building and management company can be likened to a marriage: the mate that suits you best might be incompatible with your friend. Likewise, a management company that works well for one building migh…

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Interior Avoid Building Catastrophes
2000 Feb Avoid Building Catastrophes

It’s three o’clock in the morning and your building’s boiler has just broken down. Your property manager is woken from his sleep by a phone call from the superintendent telling him that there’s a catastrophe at hand. You’re left shivering i…

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Shareholder Relations Are You Prepared?
2000 Feb Are You Prepared?

Annual shareholders’ meetings are in our midst. It takes a lot for a board to prepare for the spring occasion, but if thoughtfully planned by a building’s board and managing agent, it can become a successful forum for board elections, the d…

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Neighborhoods Battery Park City
2000 Feb Battery Park City

It’s a corner of New York City where the Hudson River kisses the shore and majestic towers reach to the sky. It’s a place where business professionals make multi-million dollar deals and parents raise their children. It’s a place to dine wi…

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Shareholder Relations Settling Co-op Disputes?
2000 Feb Settling Co-op Disputes?

Over two decades ago, an amendment to the New York City Civil Court Act transferred enforcement proceedings connected with housing to the Civil Court. This amendment established what we now know as housing court, where residential landlord …

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