1996 Sep
Focus on... Energy Consevation

Maintenance Submetering Saves Money
1996 Sep Submetering Saves Money

You live alone. You work long hours. When you aren't home, you turn off all the lights and the air conditioning. You do everything you can to conserve energy. Your neighbors, on the other hand, have five kids and are home all the …

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Maintenance Window Installations
1996 Sep Window Installations

Changing the windows in your co-op or condo building can be a traumatic experience. Not only is the overall building affected, but the interiors of the individual apartments are affected as well. Even if the job goes smoothly, there ar…

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Maintenance Energy Efficient Lighting
1996 Sep Energy Efficient Lighting

The agenda for your monthly board meeting is to find ways to save money, and in the long run, increase the building's reserve fund. Each board member has been asked to compile a list of ideas on areas of possible savings. One board member…

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Buying & Selling Selling Your Apartment
1996 Sep Selling Your Apartment

We've all heard that old adage little things mean a lot. This is especially true when you're trying to sell your co-op or condo apartment. The way you present your property to prospective buyers can make all the difference between succ…

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Finance The New Co-op and Condo Tax Break Up Law
1996 Sep The New Co-op and Condo Tax Break Up Law

Co-op shareholders and condo owners in New York City may not always agree on how the common areas in their buildings should be managed, maintained or decorated, but they've always seen eye to eye when it comes to saving money. Everyone…

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Finance The Evolution of the End Loan
1996 Sep The Evolution of the End Loan

Remember the early 1980s? Reagan was president, the national economy was strong, property values were skyrocketing and co-op sponsors were converting multi-unit residential buildings in the New York area faster than you could say offering…

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Finance Converting to Condo
1996 Sep Converting to Condo

In New York City cooperative apartments outnumber condoM-miniums by about five to one, so apartment buyers sometimes feel they have limited choices. Frequently they opt for a co-op because they can't find a condo they really love. The …

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