1995 Nov
Focus on... Building-Wide Finacial Strategies

Board Operations Working With Your Accountant
1995 Nov Working With Your Accountant

While real estate brokers live by the old adage, Location, Location, Location, accountants define their relationships with the real estate community with another phrase: Communication, Communi-cation, Communication. While cooperatives and c…

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Board Operations A Team Effort
1995 Nov A Team Effort

Anyone who has spent time serving on the board of his or her co-op or condo knows that it is a job that no one can do alone. Even if you have the most conscientious group of board members, the job is too time-consuming for a group of volunt…

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Management Making the Match
1995 Nov Making the Match

One of the most difficult decisions boards of co-ops and condos have to make is who should manage their buildings. While boards are obviously looking for management that has both the qualifications and experience to handle a building such…

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Buying & Selling Getting Approved
1995 Nov Getting Approved

It has been compared to a trip to the dentist and a police interrogation. The very mention of it makes potential buyers' knees tremble and sets brokers' eyes rolling heavenward. What could strike such apprehension in even the most jaded New…

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Buying & Selling Changes in Lead Law
1995 Nov Changes in Lead Law

If you thought asbestos was a problem, wait until you hear about lead. Found in 57 million private homes in the United States (two million in New York City), lead-based paint poisons young children, reduces IQs, and causes learning disabili…

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Design Designing for the Environment
1995 Nov Designing for the Environment

As issues such as global warming, shrinking rain forests and overflowing landfills move to the top of our national agenda, environmental considerations have taken a higher priority among interior designers as well. These days, a kitchen ren…

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