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Security Home Safe Home
Home Safe Home

Man is but a flawed creature, cursed by his very nature to succumb to his own worst impulses. And one of those impulses might lead to criminal activity. Unfortunately, crime is an inevitability, even in a fairly secure condominium or cooper…

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Security Leave Your Key Ring at Home
Leave Your Key Ring at Home

It used to be that when you wanted to get into your building or apartment, you would have to pull out your ring of numerous keys and flip through them until you find the one that opens the door. Fumbling through the ring for the right key m…

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Security This Ain't Your Mother's Security Camera
This Ain't Your Mother's Security Camera

In the old days of video surveillance, a closed-circuit TV system (CCTV) to monitor the doors and parking garage and lot used to be a grainy black-and-white mess. The footage would transmit to some subterranean bunker with a tiny TV so some…

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Security Mosquito Control in the Wake of Zika
Mosquito Control in the Wake of Zika

If you're ever outdoors during the summertime, you know that those darn mosquitoes are unavoidable, whether you're sitting on your patio or picnicking in the park. The most common solution is either swatting the pesky creatures away from yo…

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Security Building Safety for Everyone
2015 December Building Safety for Everyone

New York is home to almost 1 million people age 65 or older; approximately one in three seniors suffer some type of disability, according to the last census. In a city like New York, where anything can happen—from fire, to extreme weather, …

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Security Condo Inspections
2015 December Condo Inspections

Condominium associations, whether housed in a single building or in a sprawling development, provide a reliably cozy and comfortable community in which to live. But this comfort requires vigilance on the part of both board and management to…

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Security Who Goes There?
2015 December Who Goes There?

One of the benefits of transitioning from renter to homeowner is the knowledge that your space is sacred and belongs only to you. But, when it comes to association living, sometimes unit owners have to give building staff or managers access…

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