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Board Operations Being Good Neighbors
2019 October Being Good Neighbors

For most, living in a co-op or condo association implies at least some level of interest in being part of a larger community. That interest is usually limited to the condo or co-op community itself – but what about the greater community aro…

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Board Operations Co-op/Condo Communities and Social Media
2019 October Co-op/Condo Communities and Social Media

From getting the news, to finding that ultimate BBQ recipe, or just keeping up with friends and relatives both near and far, social media has become entwined in the fabric of our lives. In fact, Facebook, Instagram, and the rest are so ubiq…

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Board Operations A More Affordable New York?
2019 October A More Affordable New York?

Housing affordability – or un affordability, depending on your relative net worth – has always been a hot topic in New York City.  Today’s housing market is no different – though in recent years, thanks to a combination of factors both e…

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Board Operations Energy Equipment Costs
Energy Equipment Costs

Money saving and energy conservation go together like hand and glove -- but how they fit isn't always the easiest to understand. In this quick clip, a conservation pro discusses how boards can assess their energy-related equipment for signs…

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Board Operations Keeping a Lid on Legal Costs
Keeping a Lid on Legal Costs

As much as a prudent, conscientious board may try to keep a lid on expenditures, sometimes shelling out is unavoidable. When it comes to legal costs though, 'shelling out' can often result in a bad case of sticker shock. In this clip, legal…

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Board Operations Board Transition
2019 September Board Transition

Community associations are microcosms of democracy, run by an elected board of volunteers trusted to make good decisions on behalf of the community as a whole. Boards make the call on every large and small issue for their constituency. So i…

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Board Operations Removing a  Condominium Owner
2019 September Removing a Condominium Owner

Removing a disruptive, abusive, non-paying, or otherwise problematic tenant from a rental building is relatively easy. Doing the same thing in a co-op is also possible, though substantially harder. But removing a condo owner from the premis…

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Board Operations Fines and Penalties
2019 September Fines and Penalties

Community living comes with lots of rules and regulations—many of which are codified in largely static, hard-to-amend governing documents like proprietary leases and condominium declarations. Others are laid out in the more flexible context…

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