Hiring a New Building Super Here Are Some Steps to Find the Right Candidate


Co-op and condo buildings are complex social communities.  At the heart of many of these communities is the superintendent.  The super is the command center of the physical plant. He or she keeps it running like a well-oiled machine, and knows every inch, crack and crevice of the property.  Typically, supers live in the building and stay with the community for many years, often decades. A good, trustworthy super is invaluable. 

But like anyone, at some point he or she will move on to something else. So how should a building go about in finding a new superintendent and make sure he or she is a good fit? Two real estate experts weigh in. 

Replacing a Super

Generally, unless the super has a pressing reason to leave, or if the building is unhappy with his or her performance, retirement is usually the main reason a co-op or condo will be in the market for a new one.  

“The first consideration in picking a new super is experience,” says Stuart Halper, Vice President of Impact Management, which has offices in Manhattan, Queens, Westchester, and Long Island. “If the building has other staff, say a handyman or assistant super, one would look to the existing staff first.”  The key here is that the assistant super or handyman would be familiar with the building and the way it works.

“If the building doesn’t have any other staff, we look on Indeed.com, a job search site,” continues Halper, “and we post an ad on Craigslist.” It’s also a good idea to ask the outgoing super if he has someone to recommend. As in many lines of work, supers know other supers or may have family members or others in their communities with the right experience.


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