Condo Board Sues Nike Store for $3M Lawsuit Says Store's Events Attract Noise and Violence

Condo Board Sues Nike Store for $3M
NikeLab at 21 Mercert St. (David Chiu)

A popular Nike store in SoHo is attracting the attention of a neighboring condo, but it's not over sneakers.

The Daily News reported on January 18 that the condo board at 22 Mercer Street in Manhattan is suing the nearby NikeLab for $3 million, alleging that the retail store's promotional events, which draw lines of people, have resulted in noisy and violent incidents.

According to the suit, as quoted in the story: “Each Nike event and the ensuing crowds subject the condominium’s residents to extended periods of public drunkenness and urination, violence (including brawls and fist fights) loitering, littering, smoking, drug use, yelling and screaming.”

The suit also alleges that Nike, according to The New York Post, “makes its new products in extremely limited quantities and offers them on a ‘first-come, first-serve’ basis, prompting fierce competition among consumers.”

The NikeLab, which is located at 21 Mercer St., has been accused of frequently holding several last-minute promotional events a week, which doesn't give police much time to maintain crowd control.

The Post said the lawsuit cited a number of incidents that took place at the NikeLab:

  • As a line formed at the store overnight on Nov. 10, 2014, a man pulled out a gun to intimidate people in giving up their spots on the line; residents called in police.
  • In 2016, a physical altercation occurred at an event where people were waiting to buy the new Air Max 98 x Supreme. 
  • Last November, another disturbance took place in the early morning hours that prompted authorities to be called in.

The condo board claims the store has not responded to its complaints, thereby prompting the $3 million lawsuit. The board also wants a ban on the promotional events.

No comments from Nike were offered to the Post surrounding the case. Rachael Ratner, an attorney for the condo board, was quoted in the News saying, "We hope this action will be a wake-up call to Nike.” 

David Chiu is Associate Editor of The Cooperator.

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