Cloud-Based Cooperating: Utilizing the Latest Technology to Simplify Property Management Professionals Talk About How Tech Is Opening Up New Possibilities

Cloud computing: The wave of the future for property management companies (iStock).

One can be forgiven for not keeping up on the latest in technological development. When it seems like Apple is holding keynote events every 11 days to unveil the latest iPhone, it can be both mentally and financially exhausting to stay on the cutting edge of every cool new thing in gadgetry. From a professional standpoint however, a business must at least be aware of the apps, software, hardware, and other tools that can increase efficiency and keep them competitive. Property management companies that serve condominium and cooperative communities are by no means exempt from this.

Cloud-based computing and mobile apps have gone a long way toward replacing the file cabinets and paperwork that used to characterize association record-keeping, while making documents, records, and other important materials more accessible, and the day-to-day flow of information exponentially more simple. Management companies that still rely on antiquated means of communication and bookkeeping may find themselves struggling to keep up with their more cutting-edge rivals.

Day Planner

Technology can be immensely helpful when it comes to scheduling vendors, appointments, deliveries, etc., especially in a larger residential property where people and things are constantly coming and going. By logging announced visits into a central hub that can be accessed by approved parties from anywhere Wi-Fi is available, an association can greatly reduce confusion, conflicting schedules, and missed appointments. Replacing a potentially messy and confusing sign-in sheet with a readily accessible digital ledger is a reliable way to streamline association business, as well as to fortify building security.

“When it comes to accessing the property," says Ryan Kinser, senior property manager and director of concierge services for DDG, a real estate company with offices in New York, California, and Floria, "software is utilized and fulfillment is coordinated by the condominium team. “Maintenance visits, package delivery times and locations within residences can be customized as well. Even the reservation of a common roof and grill can be placed via local web- and app-based software.”

Passing the Word

Apps and software also enable a managing agent to update the board on a project or situation in real time, as opposed to the olden days when that agent would have to return to the office, compile a report, and send it to the association via post or fax.


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