2016 October
Focus on... Board Operations

Board Operations Time Management for Managers
2016 October Time Management for Managers

It’s often tough to get co-op, condo, and HOA residents interested in joining their building or association’s board. No one wants to work a second job if they don’t have to—especially one that doesn’t pay—but regardless, there’s important w…

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Board Operations Pet Policies in Boards and Associations
2016 October Pet Policies in Boards and Associations

Although it may sometimes feel as if our pets have the run of the land, humans are still the masters of their own domains. In order to maintain this status quo—especially in a communal environment such as a condominium, cooperative or homeo…

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Board Operations Home-Based Businesses
2016 October Home-Based Businesses

Dana Greco, a therapist specializing in marriage counseling and divorce mediation lived in a comfortable two bedroom co-op on New York’s Upper West Side near Columbia University.  Divorced herself and with grown children, her apartment was …

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Board Operations Building in Amenities
2016 October Building in Amenities

While current technology allows one to access almost infinite information in real time, history allows one to look back. And for many New Yorkers, the city’s rich architectural tradition is inscribed in the countless prewar buildings that p…

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Management When Residents Are Disruptive
2016 October When Residents Are Disruptive

The vast majority of co-op and condo residents are regular folks who wouldn’t dream of disrupting life in their building by being verbally abusive to the neighbors, blowing up board members’ phones and email inboxes with endless complaints …

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Board Operations A Look at Election Fraud
2016 October A Look at Election Fraud

Every co-op, condo, and HOA must elect a board of directors to oversee the community’s finances, physical maintenance, and other day-to- day operations. While board elections don’t rise quite to the level of a state or even local election i…

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Management Hard to Manage
2016 October Hard to Manage

There are plenty of people who think their jobs are difficult: politicians or professional football players, for example. Then there are those who know for certain their jobs are difficult. They’re called professional property managers.  W…

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Real Estate Trends In-Unit and Robotic Parking
2016 October In-Unit and Robotic Parking

Take a gander around major U.S. cities, and you’ll see that the market for newly-constructed condo units is at an all-time high; many developers are seeking way to set their particular luxury properties apart from all the others going up ar…

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Real Estate Trends Recreational Amenities for Kids
2016 October Recreational Amenities for Kids

As times change and we encounter life’s transitions, many of the things we once desired take on new forms and shapes. None of those transitions is quite as profound as starting—and raising—a family, and for co-op and condo owners who are al…

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Management The Road to Self-Management
2016 October The Road to Self-Management

Management by definition is a process; a series of ongoing systems and controls put in place with a specific outcome in mind. The management needs and requirements of HOAs, co-ops and condominiums have helped define the overall property man…

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Board Operations Winter Energy Savings
2016 October Winter Energy Savings

While state and local governments implement energy-saving incentive programs and more buildings are either being retrofitted or built with next-generation energy-saving technology, the habits of unit owners and shareholders still impact a b…

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Board Operations Eliminating Amenities
2016 October Eliminating Amenities

When buyers purchase apartments, they also purchase access to the condo or co-op’s shared amenities. Depending on the scale and financial demographics of the building, those amenities could be substantial; during the real estate boom of the…

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Q&A Q&A: Trying to Oust a Member of the Board
2016 October Q&A: Trying to Oust a Member of the Board

Q. If someone wants to get a board member off the board, how do they go about it and what percentage of the shareholders do they need? Also, do renters vote?                   —Civic-Minded Cooperator A. “First, you need to check the …

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Maintenance Seasonal Pest Issues
2016 October Seasonal Pest Issues

As the weather and temperatures shift, so do pest populations. Knowing which critters to look out for (and get rid of) as the seasons change can help keep your building pest-free.

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Law & Legislation Hot-Button Legal Issues
2016 October Hot-Button Legal Issues

Part of being an effective board member is keeping abreast of legal and legislative issues that could impact your building and its residents. Attorney Marc H. Schneider discusses a few things that should be on your administrative radar. 

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