2016 June
Focus on... Law & Legislation

Law & Legislation Legislative Roundup
2016 June Legislative Roundup

The legislative season is upon us, and in many states, bills specifically dealing with co-ops, condos and HOAs are wending their way through the legislative process. Even when bills aren't aimed directly at those forms of home ownership, ma…

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Law & Legislation Co-op vs. Condo
2016 June Co-op vs. Condo

So, you’ve decided to buy an apartment in the tri-state area. Congratulations—that’s the easy part.  Now you must choose whether to buy into a cooperative or a condominium. That’s harder. Significant differences exist between the two model…

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Law & Legislation Handling Litigation
2016 June Handling Litigation

No one likes a lawsuit. Whether filing one or finding yourself on the receiving end of one, they can cause stress, anxiety and an upending of daily life. They can be expensive, take months—even years—to resolve, and often result in hurt fee…

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Law & Legislation Inheritance and Rights of Succession
2016 June Inheritance and Rights of Succession

It is said that the only two things that you can truly count on are death and taxes but if you own a co-op or condo and haven’t adequately prepared for your own eventual demise, you can also count on your passing causing even more grief for…

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Law & Legislation Legal vs. Illegal Tenants
2016 June Legal vs. Illegal Tenants

Though many—in fact, most—co-op buildings flatly forbid shareholders from subletting their apartments to rental tenants, many co-op (and many more condo) buildings have populations of subtenants residing in them. Sometimes an apartment owne…

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Board Operations Choosing an Attorney
2016 June Choosing an Attorney

Not every condominium or homeowners’ association is going to run afoul of the law—the happy truth is that litigation and legal trouble are relatively rare occurrences. However, even the most upstanding board in New York City must navigate a…

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Law & Legislation Crisis Management
2016 June Crisis Management

According to the Washington, DC-based online database, the Gun Violence Archive, a mass shooting is an incident in which four or more individuals are wounded or killed. In 2015 alone, the U.S. faced 372 such incidents, leaving 475 people de…

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Q&A Q&A: Who is responsible for neighbor's water damage?
2016 June Q&A: Who is responsible for neighbor's water damage?

Q. For many years, I’ve had a long-standing leak in my bathroom through no fault of my own. The shareholders above me it seems are contributing to the water problem. The couple’s son, I believe, loves to run a bath for as long as two hour…

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