2015 May
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The Cooperator’s 28th Annual Expo
2015 May The Cooperator’s 28th Annual Expo

Thousands of board members, managers and building owners packed the aisles of the Hilton New York exhibit hall as The Cooperatorpresented its 28th Annual Co-op & Condo Expo, providing networking, informational and educational opportunities…

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Design The Community’s Hub
2015 May The Community’s Hub

Co-ops and condos draw prospective residents with a wide variety of appealing features, from proximity to an office or family member to amazing views of the Manhattan skyline to the concept of having someone else mow the lawn, fix the roof…

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Design Spring in Your Step
2015 May Spring in Your Step

Winter in New York is a magical time, filled with walks through dirt, grime and slush, exorbitant weather-induced dry cleaning bills, and excessive clothing accessories…often enough to shame Ralphie from A Christmas Story. Upon sprin…

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Design Unique Amenities
2015 May Unique Amenities

These days, buying a new co-op or condominium might mean access not only to your dream home but also to the kind of high-end amenities that can transform a beautiful home into a spectacular one. At least that is the goal of developers and …

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Design Age Appropriate Programming
2015 May Age Appropriate Programming

Being a member of a community means different things to different people. As such, when it comes to offering social programs and amenities, respective wants, needs and preferences can run the gamut. For board members and managers, having p…

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