2014 March
Focus on... Exterior Maintenance

On Board
2014 March On Board

The Building: Glen Oaks Village is a self-managed cooperative residential housing development located in northeastern Queens. It was built in 1947 shortly after WWII to help fill the void of affordable housing for returning GI's. Originall…

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Management Property Management Performance After Sandy
2014 March Property Management Performance After Sandy

More than a year after “Superstorm Sandy” wreaked havoc along the East Coast, many communities throughout the region remain focused on recovery efforts. The storm was catastrophic and the ongoing media coverage highlights the fact that the…

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Law & Legislation The “Sushi Defense” Gets Cooked
2014 March The “Sushi Defense” Gets Cooked

In a stunning decision that has wide-reaching application to the scope of review to be used by appellate courts throughout the State of New York, the Court of Appeals has overturned an errant decision of the Appellate Division in a hotly c…

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Insurance Protecting Your Co-op or Condo Board
2014 March Protecting Your Co-op or Condo Board

Managing risk is one of the most important things you can do to maintain the viability of a business, and what many board members sometimes forget is that their association is just that, a business. Risk management—the process of identifyi…

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Law & Legislation Put That In Your Pipe
2014 March Put That In Your Pipe

The only thing more aggravating than having a pipe burst in your co-op in the middle of the night may be the question of "Who is responsible for the repair?" The proprietary lease generally governs who is responsible, and different leases …

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Q&A Q&A: Mitigating Noise with Flooring
2014 March Q&A: Mitigating Noise with Flooring

Q My family is a shareholder of one of eight apartments in a small Brooklyn co-op. The apartment directly above ours was sublet to a family in 1997 that signed an agreement specified by the board of directors requiring the apartment to ha…

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