2008 Sept
Focus on... Energy & The Environment

Energy Conservation Citywide Green Initiatives
2008 Sept Citywide Green Initiatives

New York City officially became a leader of “green” initiatives when Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg announced his “PlaNYC 2030” initiative in 2007, although many elements of this omnibus serious of measures were public policy in the city wel…

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Exterior Keeping Buildings Dry
2008 Sept Keeping Buildings Dry

Building owners are charged with the constant battle of keeping water out of the building envelope, but sometimes the water that causes stains, mold and decay comes from within the building envelope. Consideration to design, materials a…

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Real Estate Trends Without Breaking the Bank
2008 Sept Without Breaking the Bank

Looking to save the planet—or just a few bucks—more and more New Yorkers are looking to “green” their lifestyles. Environmental watchdogs are quick to point fingers at gas guzzling automobiles as prime contributors to climate change, but…

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Law & Legislation Barking Up the Wrong Tree
2008 Sept Barking Up the Wrong Tree

The City Council is at it again with another attempt to create havoc for our co-ops. Intro 13, sponsored by Councilman Tony Avella is artfully crafted to conceal its true objective: Prohibit the right of co-ops and condos to control pet…

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Law & Legislation Confessions of a Co-op/Condo Attorney
2008 Sept Confessions of a Co-op/Condo Attorney

While previous columns focused on numerous outrageous situations that have faced us during our more than 25 years of collective service to our cooperative and condominium clients, one case sticks out in our minds. Incredibly, one case morph…

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Energy Conservation A Look at Buildings and Energy Use
2008 Sept A Look at Buildings and Energy Use

The concept of a “carbon footprint” has been widely circulated in the media for the last couple of years—particularly as global warming has become such an urgent topic of discussion for people other than Al Gore. Essentially, a carbon fo…

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Energy Conservation Aiming to Make All Buildings 'Green'
2008 Sept Aiming to Make All Buildings 'Green'

It seems that nearly everything is going “green” these days. Whether it’s the special green issue of a popular consumer magazine, an advertisement for a fuel-efficient hybrid car or a push toward environmentally friendly building materi…

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Board Operations Dealing with Difficult Board Members
2008 Sept Dealing with Difficult Board Members

On last season’s “The Apprentice” reality show, celebrities volunteered their time to team up and compete, not for a job with the Donald Trump organization, but to win a large donation to their favorite charity. The show’s concept is to…

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Neighborhoods Skid Row to Luxury Gold?
2008 Sept Skid Row to Luxury Gold?

Examining a few pounds of freeze-dried goji berries in the Bowery neighborhood’s Whole Foods market, it is easy to forget that you might be standing in the exact spot where the Bowery Boys, clad terrifyingly in stovepipe hats and flared…

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Board Operations What you Should Know
2008 Sept What you Should Know

Having sat on a board for almost ten years, I continue to be astonished at how little most volunteers know about what the job entails. While it is important to volunteer your time for this position, there are things you must know in advance…

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Q&A Q&A: Running a Business in a Co-op
2008 Sept Q&A: Running a Business in a Co-op

Q I am a shareholder in a Westchester County 73-unit cooperative, two of which are commercial units generating approximately two percent of the co-op’s income. The president of our five-member board of directors has been president for o…

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Q&A Q&A: Can the Board Set a Minimum Sales Price?
2008 Sept Q&A: Can the Board Set a Minimum Sales Price?

Q I recently received a memo from the board of directors of my co-op in Queens Village, stating that the building will not allow cooperators to sell their apartments below a sales price that they determine. Is this legal? —Suspicious…

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Q&A Q&A: Dealing with a Noisy Neighbor
2008 Sept Q&A: Dealing with a Noisy Neighbor

Q I have a neighbor whose door is just across from mine and whenever she enters her apartment, she closes her door with a very loud bang. Sometimes, I am asleep and I wake up and can’t go back to sleep. This has been going on for year…

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