2004 May
Focus on... Interior Design

Design Architectural Building Blocks
2004 May Architectural Building Blocks

Walk by 502 Park Avenue and you'll find a vision in progress. There stands a classic example of a gracious Park Avenue building with one remarkable, eye-catching addition: an ultra-modern glass tower on the roof that is home to the kind of…

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Design Fleeting Fashion
2004 May Fleeting Fashion

Every decade or era has its own design "˜look.' Remember the shag carpeting and wood paneling of the 1970s or the chrome-and-glass overkill of the 1980s and early "˜90s? Thankfully, those trends had their moment and have since been put out…

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Design Changing Spaces
2004 May Changing Spaces

Just last year, Americans spent some $125 billion on home remodeling projects, according to the Joint Center for Housing Studies - a collaborative effort between Harvard University's Design School and the Kennedy School of Government. That…

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Design A Splash of Style
2004 May A Splash of Style

Nothing beats a good first impression. That's why a building's lobby can be the most important space when it comes to keeping residents happy and property values competitive. When lobbies begin to decline, it's bad news for everyone …

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Design More Tips
2004 May More Tips

Your lobby is almost an advertisement for your building. A well kept, smartly decorated, or outright opulent lobby can enhance both the aesthetic and financial value of the property. Below are a few more tips you may find helpful wh…

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Design Wall to Wall
2004 May Wall to Wall

Floor coverings have come a long way in the past decade. Where once wall-to-wall carpeting was bland and there were few options to choose from, now there are a multitude of colors and designs to select from, and one of the best ways to dre…

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Neighborhoods The Hamptons
2004 May The Hamptons

While most full-time residents of New York City love their big, scrappy town, sometimes the crowded streets, the cacophony of aromas and sounds that waft from restaurants and apartments, and the hectic pace - particularly in the summer mon…

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Board Operations Work Permits
2004 May Work Permits

If you're planning a renovation project, either on your own as an individual apartment owner or as a member of your building's board, you know there's a lot to think about and arrange for long before the actual work begins. You particular …

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Design Design of the Times
2004 May Design of the Times

In an age where regulation, accreditation and membership matters, being affiliated with a recognized professional association is almost a business necessity. More than just a meeting place for like-minded individuals to discuss the topics …

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Neighborhoods Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous
2004 May Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous

There was a saying in the 1950s that went, "Southampton for the sporting rich; Bridgehampton for the nearly rich; East Hampton for the filthy rich," and while the saying may hold more true than not, there's more to the Hamptons tha…

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