2004 Jan
Focus on... Management/Board Relations

Management The Bond Between Manager and Super
2004 Jan The Bond Between Manager and Super

Peace of mind comes from knowing that not only do you have the right people doing the right job, but also knowing that those people work and respect each other personally and as a team. Having been a building superintendent for almo…

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Management A Thousand New York Stories
2004 Jan A Thousand New York Stories

People love to tell stories about their jobs and the people who work in building management have plenty of good ones to share. That's probably because the industry revolves around people and something very important to them, their homes.…

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Organizations Connections Through Camaraderie
2004 Jan Connections Through Camaraderie

Since 1933, the Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM) has been the leading source of the education, credentialing, and development for real estate industry professionals both in the United States and abroad. As an affiliate of the Nat…

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Management Relations Chief Trailblazers
2004 Jan Chief Trailblazers

While other industries have been more difficult to penetrate, many areas of the fast-paced world of real estate have long been the professional domain of women. The past two decades have witnessed an influx of women as innovators in the…

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Management Relations The Two-Way Street
2004 Jan The Two-Way Street

The old adage that knowledge is power holds doubly true when it comes to assuring ethical conduct and adherence to bylaws by a governing board, regardless of the size of a community size or the severity of a given crisis. But the la…

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Management Relations Time for a Change?
2004 Jan Time for a Change?

Since management companies foster a competitive environment, co-op and condominium buildings expect a high level of service from their managing agent. However, when agents aren't showing the care and attention buildings deserve, or some …

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Shareholder Relations We The People
2004 Jan We The People

When cooperators elect their boards of directors, and condo owners elect their community association or boards of managers, they do so in the expectation that these boards will represent their interests. But conflict between boards …

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Design Saving Space in Small Spaces
2004 Jan Saving Space in Small Spaces

Space, the final frontier. The continuing mission to explore strange new ways to manage what little space is available to the urban dweller, to seek out any possible alternative to bulky appliances, to boldly find creative solutions to …

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Neighborhoods More Than Just MoMA
2004 Jan More Than Just MoMA

What makes a city or town appealing? Is it the people who live in the area, the residents who imbue their surroundings with different cultural influences? Is it the geography of the place, the nearness to or separation from a major metr…

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