2003 Jun
Focus on... Law and Legislation

Finance Dollars & Sense
2003 Jun Dollars & Sense

When most people think of fat, they think of unsightly rolls on out-of-shape bodies, but the truth is, buildings can be over-padded, too. Given the stagnant economy, boards can't afford to let their buildings just wallow in fiscal waste. I…

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Organizations Providing Housing for the New Millennium
2003 Jun Providing Housing for the New Millennium

Housing in New York City has always been influenced by a changing urban landscape, population and demographic shifts, and a class-conscious economic and social strata that determined how people lived and in what neighborhoods they chose to …

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Neighborhoods Tulips and Trust Funds
2003 Jun Tulips and Trust Funds

Tell someone your address is on Park Avenue in New York City, and immediately you've conjured images of luxury, affluence, and status. Over the last two centuries, Park Avenue has become synonymous with the good life - the home of milliona…

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Law & Legislation Push and Pullman
2003 Jun Push and Pullman

In a decision with profound repercussions throughout the co-op community, the New York Court of Appeals decided last month to allow the application of the business judgment rule in situations involving so-called "objectionable tenants." …

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Law & Legislation The Silent Killer
2003 Jun The Silent Killer

With all the recent concern over environmental hazards in residential buildings - mold, funguses, and various allergens - it makes good sense to discuss one of the most dangerous of the invisible problems that can plague a home or building…

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Law & Legislation Feeling Your Pain
2003 Jun Feeling Your Pain

New York City's eight million hardy souls are used to a lifestyle in which the best of everything is at their disposal. But now residents may have to do more with less as the city struggles to find its way out of a deepening fiscal crisis.…

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Board Operations We Meet Again
2003 Jun We Meet Again

Of all the goings-on in the thousands of co-op and condo buildings in New York City, perhaps none inspires more questions and confusion than board and shareholders' meetings. How often must meetings be held? What gets decided at meetings? …

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Finance Renovations: A Work In Progress
2003 Jun Renovations: A Work In Progress

Whether it's a house, co-op or condo, renovations are fraught with potential problems. Such quagmires as multiple change orders, delayed supplies or contractor errors can add substantial costs to a budget. One way to bypass problems and wo…

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Interior Go With the Flow
2003 Jun Go With the Flow

Nobody likes that unsettling feeling when you turn on your kitchen tap only to get a stream of cloudy, fizzy water. It's something that's happened to nearly everyone, no matter where you live, and it can't help but make you wonder if your …

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Interior Pick It Up, Pack It Up, Put It Away
2003 Jun Pick It Up, Pack It Up, Put It Away

In a city where living and business space alike are hard to come by, wildly expensive, and constantly needing to be revamped, the question of where tenants should store their belongings begs to be asked. No one wants to give up livable spa…

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Board Operations Parking Dynamics
2003 Jun Parking Dynamics

Driving around Manhattan can be a hazardous sport. Cabbies signal lane changes by changing lanes. Brazen bike messengers yield for few things, and stop for fewer. Congested pedestrian groups form walls as they cross the street, stymieing c…

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Security Just A Phone Call Away
2003 Jun Just A Phone Call Away

The old axiom about New York City government is that it's a bureaucratic hell, an exasperating nightmare in which John Q. Public gets passed from department to department whenever a problem crops up and immediate assistance is needed. …

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Buying & Selling Relocation Services
2003 Jun Relocation Services

Buying a new home is a very big decision that can be filled with excitement and fear, even if you're just moving across town. When you're coming to New York from another city, state, or even country, however, the task becomes much more cha…

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Board Operations Coming to the Rescue
2003 Jun Coming to the Rescue

Bad things happen to good buildings; it's a fact of life. From tyrannical sponsors to maintenance mishaps, there's plenty to go wrong - and when it does, your life can be made miserable. But sometimes a truly inspired manager can pull a ha…

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Interior Renovations Without Headaches
2003 Jun Renovations Without Headaches

Construction projects can certainly be traumatic but the difficulties inherent in residential renovation projects could be substantially minimized with professional oversight from a construction management firm. Using a CM in Your Reno…

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