2002 Dec/Jan
Focus on... Financial Strategies

Finance Your Building's Reserve Fund
2002 Dec/Jan Your Building's Reserve Fund

As the future of the economy remains questionable, the matter of your building’s finances begs the question: Should your co-op or condo board reexamine how you invest your reserve fund? No doubt, this has already crossed your mind, but even…

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Finance Show Me the Money
2002 Dec/Jan Show Me the Money

The prevailing economic climate has given rise to concerns for us all, especially co-op and condo boards currently in the process of budget preparation. The natural course of action would seem to be to review past budget-related decisions a…

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Finance Plan A or Plan B?
2002 Dec/Jan Plan A or Plan B?

By their nature, co-ops and condos are about ownership, common interests and camaraderie. They are also predicated upon the sharing of costs–both of the day-to-day maintenance of the property, as well as periodic capital expenditures. As wi…

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Finance Preparing for the Unthiinkable
2002 Dec/Jan Preparing for the Unthiinkable

Since 9/11, terrorism has become a palpable new threat against the lives and property of American citizens. Not only has our peace of mind been compromised, but the attack on the WTC has affected lives in other, less obvious ways. Cons…

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Neighborhoods The Sixth Borough
2002 Dec/Jan The Sixth Borough

Hoboken is a city of about one square mile sandwiched between the Holland and Lincoln Tunnels. Once the butt of urban renewal jokes ("Hey, if it’s Hoboken, don’t fix it!"), the city has enjoyed a renaissance in the last quarter century as i…

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Neighborhoods Phoenix and the Ashes
2002 Dec/Jan Phoenix and the Ashes

The implications of the attacks of September 11 are far-reaching, with tentacles stretching around the world. But what about right next door? An entire section of Manhattan has been forever altered, as have the lives of all the people who c…

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Design Worth Coming Home To
2002 Dec/Jan Worth Coming Home To

Many co-op and condo-dwellers have been looking inward of late, concentrating their energy and income on making improvements to their buildings and personal spaces, rather than spending money on travel, entertainment, and other more extrove…

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