2001 Apr
Focus on... Building Maintenance

Maintenance Hi-Tech Maintenance?
2001 Apr Hi-Tech Maintenance?

In the autumn of 1999 a hot concept in property management emerged: Why not use the Internet to streamline the management process? By the spring of 2000 three Web sites had launched, each with a different vision and approach but sharing the…

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Maintenance Breathe Easy
2001 Apr Breathe Easy

It’s the end of another long day at work. You come home, lock the door, flop down on the couch and take a deep breath. Time to rest easy. But consider that deep breath. How clean is the air in your co-op or condo? Do you really want to know…

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Maintenance Fire Safety
2001 Apr Fire Safety

The Cooperator’s Co-op and Condo Expo included a standing room only crowd at a seminar on new fire safety regulations. A panel of experts explained the law and provided information on everything from who is ultimately responsible for postin…

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Organizations The Supers Club of New York
2001 Apr The Supers Club of New York

When Dick Koral, created "Los Sures" in the early ‘90s, the seed was planted for the Superintendents Club of New York, a technical society to serve New York’s multifamily building maintenance personnel. Los Sures (translated "the south…

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Neighborhoods Chelsea Chic
2001 Apr Chelsea Chic

"When my building at 15th Street and Seventh Avenue was built in 1980," says Jarvis Irving, a Chelsea resident for the past 23 years, "it was marketed as ‘Greenwich Village North.’ Nowadays, people wouldn’t miss the opportunity of saying th…

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Board Operations Difficult Board Members
2001 Apr Difficult Board Members

We all live and work in co-ops or condos; most of us have lived through some form of havoc wreaked by a board member. This person may be earnest and well intentioned, but projects an argumentative and contentious demeanor that is disrupt…

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Management Impact Real Estate Management
2001 Apr Impact Real Estate Management

Going solo, doing it your own way, the right way. That’s what the three principals of Impact Real Estate Management decided to do. When the three met five years ago, they all had the same idea. They agreed many in the management business we…

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