2000 May
Focus on... Interior Design & Maintenance

Design The London Terrace Restoration
2000 May The London Terrace Restoration

Like a firm handshake or solid eye contact, certain things can turn first impressions into good impressions. For a building, the look of a lobby can make or break its reputation, both among residents and visitors. To catch an approving eye,…

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Interior Floor and Wall Coverings
2000 May Floor and Wall Coverings

The lobby of the SoHo building where Stephen DeCordova, an actor, owns a co-op is almost too small to be noticed. A tiny vestibule leads to a narrow hallway where you’ll find the stairs and elevator. Four years ago, this entryway was dark a…

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Maintenance War Stories
2000 May War Stories

There are two major aspects to any renovation project in a co-op–one is getting approval from the co-op board, the other is getting approval from the Building Department. Getting only one approval is not enough. In other words, just because…

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Design Lighting
2000 May Lighting

Lighting is much more than a device that enables us to see. Proper lighting defines space and creates atmosphere, essentially setting the mood and tone of an area. When designing a space, where does lighting come into play? According to Reb…

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Board Operations NORC Program
2000 May NORC Program

Last month, the New York Association of Realty Managers (NYARM) hosted a seminar on a somewhat new phenomenon known as "NORCs." Short for "Naturally Occuring Retirement Communities," the acronym has come to mean much to many seniors through…

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Exterior City Landscapes
2000 May City Landscapes

It’s Spring, as the saying goes, and a young man’s fancy turns to love. Your co-op board, while they may be romantics at heart, smell Spring and their minds go to landscape maintenance. The landscaping of a property is the first thing visit…

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Interior Swimming Pool Management
2000 May Swimming Pool Management

There’s almost nothing that sounds more luxurious to potential co-op and condo buyers than an on-site swimming pool. Apartment prices are often higher in buildings with pools because they are viewed as a fun and relaxing amenity. However, m…

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Management Gumley-Haft
2000 May Gumley-Haft

Daniel J. Wollman, chief executive officer and managing director of Gumley-Haft Real Estate, is not the executive one would expect to see as head of one of Manhattan’s premier residential real estate management firms. Casually dressed and s…

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