2000 Jun
Focus on... Law and Legislation

Law & Legislation Board Members Beware
2000 Jun Board Members Beware

As we enter the 21st Century, issues of equality continue to be a problem in the United States. As such, government has created a complex set of laws to protect people from discrimination, but the problem has still not gone away. The respon…

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Law & Legislation Laying Down the Law
2000 Jun Laying Down the Law

New York, my old home state, presently litigates all co-op and condo disputes. Litigation, however, continually proves to be an expensive and time-consuming endeavor. Perhaps it’s time for New York to consider compulsory mediation-arbitrati…

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Interior Water Bill Anguish
2000 Jun Water Bill Anguish

The following article contains excerpts from a series of statements submitted by Michael Lockhart, president of American Telephone and Utility Consultants and founder of The Coalition for Water Bill Justice, and Lawrence Schatt, deputy comm…

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Finance The Cooperative Century
2000 Jun The Cooperative Century

Quick: the first residential co-op was created in (a) 2000 BC (b) the 1700’s (c) the 1800’s (d) the 20th century. Now, don’t laugh off choice "a," 2000 BC. While there doesn’t appear to have been co-ops quite that far back, there are record…

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Communications Online Communities
2000 Jun Online Communities

By now, it is evident that the Internet is to our generation what the West was to our founding fathers–a vast land of opportunity to explore and cultivate. The World Wide Web has already established itself as a place to obtain information, …

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Buying & Selling Stribling & Associates
2000 Jun Stribling & Associates

A full pane of glass fronts the Madison Avenue townhouse office of Stribling & Associates, a luxury residential real estate brokerage firm. Four ornate gold frames hang museum-style in the window and the pictures inside feature large, luxur…

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