1999 Nov
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Communications Don't Be Left In The Dark
1999 Nov Don't Be Left In The Dark

The recent onslaught of millennium madness has made Y2K a household term. Once just the concern of computer aficionados and a select few with technological foresight, Y2K is now a universal problem. In fact, Y2K has become such a prevalent …

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Board Operations All A-Board!
1999 Nov All A-Board!

Owning your own home is a huge commitment, but imagine being accountable for your neighbors’ homes as well. It’s a commitment hundreds of individuals throughout New York’s condo and co-op community make each year as members of their buildin…

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Buying & Selling Sealing The Deal
1999 Nov Sealing The Deal

Closings are interesting and emotional transactions. As an attorney who has handled many of them, I can tell you that each one is different. From a legal point of view, they are not especially complex. From an emotional point of view, th…

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Finance When Sponsors Don't Sell
1999 Nov When Sponsors Don't Sell

Before 1989, during the height of the real estate market, shareholders were buying and selling apartments at an accelerated rate. But when the recession hit the market, between 1989 and 1993, co-op sponsors (holders of unsold shares) couldn…

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Management Cover Story: On The Hiring Line
1999 Nov Cover Story: On The Hiring Line

With the recent indictments strewn about New York’s real estate industry, co-op and condo boards have become more and more choosy about the professionals they select to protect themselves and their homes. Knowing the angst involved in makin…

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