1999 Jun
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Maintenance Cover Story: Where Does All the Garbage Go?
1999 Jun Cover Story: Where Does All the Garbage Go?

There was a time not long ago when New Yorkers could throw just about anything away and not give it a second thought. But in the late 1980s, the federal government enacted strong environmental legislation, including the closure of many land…

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Exterior Don't Get Soaked!
1999 Jun Don't Get Soaked!

They say that April showers bring May flowers. For the New York area's aging brick buildings, spring sprinkles and summer storms can bring much worse. From interior leaks to the liability nightmare of a crumbling and falling facade, the eff…

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Maintenance Who is Responsible?
1999 Jun Who is Responsible?

Imagine this. Your contractor has finally completed the renovations to your bathroom - taking three months rather than the three weeks he promised. The wallpaper, special order wall and flooring tile match perfectly, and although you excee…

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