1997 May
Focus on... Interior Design

Management The Self-Management Option
1997 May The Self-Management Option

The co-op and condo universe can be divided into two types of properties: The vast majority that engage a professional management firm and those that choose to go it alone. All properties need the services that good full-service managemen…

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Buying & Selling Been Through Buying Hell?
1997 May Been Through Buying Hell?

If you've just moved to a new co-op or condo, you probably feel as though you've been through a living hell. For several agonizing months, you and your trusty broker have schlepped from apartment to apartment in an endless, overwhelming s…

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Design Kitchen Makeover
1997 May Kitchen Makeover

How do you take a small kitchen, make it three times as large and make sure that it fits in with the rest of the apartment? Interior designer Gail Green would say very carefully. And that is exactly what she did for one family's kitche…

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Design Re-Designing Common Areas
1997 May Re-Designing Common Areas

If two people have a hard time agreeing on what movie to see, it would seem impossible that the residents of even the smallest co-op or condo building would be able to agree on a color scheme for the new lobby. But that's no excuse for…

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Design Renovation Woes
1997 May Renovation Woes

Every day in New York City interior renovation work is taking place that is illegal to a greater or lesser degree. Just because the work looks good, does not mean that it meets Building Code requirements or that it's what the board of di…

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