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Neighborhoods Grit and Glamour
2001 Jul Grit and Glamour

New Yorkers pride themselves on their ability to appreciate places and things that others often find dirty, oppressive, or just plain ugly. New York City itself is occasionally accused of being all three, yet New Yorkers remain fiercely loy…

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Neighborhoods Residential Ghost Town No More
2001 Jun Residential Ghost Town No More

Under the sweeping shade of the World Trade Center, something miraculous is happening—a neighborhood is coming to life. Once the enclave of intense financiers worried more about the bottom line than where they would hang their hats, Manhatt…

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Neighborhoods Brooklyn's Gold Coast
2001 May Brooklyn's Gold Coast

There will always be those who insist that if they can’t live in Manhattan, they would rather not live in New York City at all. They feel that Manhattan is the one true New York and that the outer boroughs are remote hinterlands barely fit …

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Neighborhoods Chelsea Chic
2001 Apr Chelsea Chic

"When my building at 15th Street and Seventh Avenue was built in 1980," says Jarvis Irving, a Chelsea resident for the past 23 years, "it was marketed as ‘Greenwich Village North.’ Nowadays, people wouldn’t miss the opportunity of saying th…

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Neighborhoods Peculiar Allure
2001 Mar Peculiar Allure

"We’ve lived in this neighborhood for 17 years," says Bob Berkow, a Clinton resident and co-op owner at the 48-unit Piano Factory at 454 West 46th Street. The Piano Factory was originally built as Wessell, Nickel & Gross Company in 1888, a …

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Neighborhoods Central Park North and Harlem
2001 Dec/Jan Central Park North and Harlem

Real estate brokers and developers have seen sales of condos and co-ops on Central Park North and in Harlem take off in the past year. On Christmas Eve of 1999, Saadia Lynch, a broker with Bellmarc Realty, a residential real estate brokerag…

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Neighborhoods SoHo Sophisticated
2000 Oct SoHo Sophisticated

English author Samuel Johnson once claimed that when a man tires of London, he is tired of life. The same could be said of SoHo. Nestled alongside Greenwich Village, Little Italy and Tribeca, SoHo has long held a reputation as New York’s ar…

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Neighborhoods Alphabet City
2000 Sep Alphabet City

In a city humming with real estate development projects, one area showing great promise is now poised for explosive growth. Alphabet City, the eastern-most stretch of Manhattan’s East Village, is the new frontier for development that is pus…

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Neighborhoods Operation: DUMBO
2000 Jul Operation: DUMBO

Literally a pebble’s throw from Lower Manhattan, Brooklyn’s DUMBO is one of the most exciting and happening growth areas in the city. An acronym for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass, it is an area roughly bounded by the Manhattan…

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Neighborhoods Battery Park City
2000 Feb Battery Park City

It’s a corner of New York City where the Hudson River kisses the shore and majestic towers reach to the sky. It’s a place where business professionals make multi-million dollar deals and parents raise their children. It’s a place to dine wi…

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